Operation Agency Success: Content is King

The most important thing to get good rankings in the search engines is fresh, unique content. Learn how you can easily build fresh content that will keep your website in the forefront of the search engines. Join Laird Rixford as he talks about why fresh content is important, where to find ideas for new content, and how often you need to be updating the content on your website.

Video Transcription

A lot of customers ask me, "What is the key to getting good rankings on Google?" What I have to say to them is "content." The world has changed. We no longer are talking about backlinks. The biggest thing to Google is fresh, unique content. Content is king.

Let me give you a scenario. We have a customer that has contacted us and says, "I had really great rankings the first three months that I was with you guys, and then it just dropped off." My first question is, "What have you done lately? What content have you built on your website lately?" They will always say, "Oh, I haven't touched it since we launched, because it was doing so well."

Well, Google did what Google does. It says, "Hey, there is a brand new website out there. It works great. Let's use it." Then the content was stale, and then Google is like, "Okay. It hasn't been updated in a while. I really don't need to come back." If customers would update their content on a regular basis, what that will do is that will drive Google to come back more often and see that, "Hey, there is brand new content here."

How do you get new content? How do you build unique content for your agency? The first thing is that you can look at stories on the Internet and then write your own content. You can also link to fresh new stories and talk about your opinions of those stories. A great tool is Google, itself. Whenever you go to Google, go to search. Then, over on the left-hand side for you, you will see a box that says, "Show me only articles that were posted in the past 24 hours."

If you are writing new content, go to Google and type in auto insurance. Look at articles written in the past 24 hours. See what they are talking about, and then you can actually write that content yourself. The Insurance Website Builder team also creates content for agencies. This content is professionally written, and it can be written for any line of business that you do. This allows you to put content on your website even whenever you can't do it yourself.

How often should you update your content? Your content should be updated as much as possible. It could just be adding a few new links, adding a paragraph here, or adding a blog entry. What are the time frames? The first one is that your home page should be updated every single week, and other important pages on your site should be updated, at least, monthly. Another great place for you to update content is your blog. The Insurance Website Builder has a built-in blog feature that allows all your content that you are writing for your blog to show up on your website.

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