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Now is the Time: Comparative Rating System Edition

man frustratedAs your traffic on your refreshed insurance agency website grows, what do you do with those leads? You convert them into sales of course. To do so you need to rate them, and if you are rating more than one company, you need a comparative rating system. You don’t need just any a rating system. You need a system that helps you close more.

We see 25% more quotes flowing through our customer’s rating systems during the first few months compared to the rest of the year. With an influx of leads during this busy time, you don't always have time to quote and close them all. What about the leads who don’t close right away? What happens to them? Do they wither away? Of course not. 

You need to nurture these leads through a consistent, repeatable process of drip emails. This is why TurboRater is more than a rating system. It is a sales system. TurboRater can help you reach out to prospects, engage customers, and re-work past leads.

Speaking of offering more... Does your comparative rating system make your staff better closers? TurboRater can help there as well. Through our advanced reporting, you can determine which producers are following your agency’s sales process. Track metrics such as quote vs. bound, data quality, and carrier performance.

Finally, during the past 12 months, the average time our users took to quote and bind/bridge a policy is 5 minutes and 1 second. This includes it all: data entry, rating, review rates, and bridging to the carrier. If it takes you 10 minutes to close a risk, think of how you could have serviced another client during that time. Fifteen minutes, yet another. Remember time is money, not only for you and your producers, but for your clients as well.

Our comparative rating system has faster quoting, better follow up, and increased reporting. TurboRater will help you close more business and save you money.


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