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Making the Move From Flash

chess moveDesigners have used Flash to build beautiful website designs with impressive functionality for years. (We’ve used it in our insurance website designs.) 

Last year came some rumblings about the end of Flash. First from Google. Then Adobe itself. But, the time has finally arrived. 

Last month Google announced that they will block most Flash content on Chrome by the end of this year. Experts expect other web browsers, including Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, to follow suit.

What is Flash?

Flash is software used for viewing multimedia, applications, and streaming video online. Website designers use Flash in animation, software applications and video games. 

What Google’s Announcement Means

This news from Google means Chrome would block all Flash content by default for nearly every website. 

According to The Verge, users would still be able to allow Flash content on a site-by-site basis. But, they have to specifically choose to do so. Chrome will display a prompt offering to enable Flash. If chosen, Chrome would remember to run Flash on that website for all future visits.

The internet’s top 10 websites that rely on Flash will receive a temporary pardon that lasts one year. These websites include YouTube, Facebook and Amazon. After that year ends, those websites may have Flash blocked by default like everyone else. 

One Option: HTML5

Google’s decision to block Flash encourages website developers to transition to HTML5. 

Your insurance agency website might have Flash and HTML5 as backup. If that’s the case, Chrome will display the HTML5 instead of prompting users to enable Flash. 

What to Do

If you have an Insurance Website Builder website, there is good news. Insurance Website Builder websites have always been compatible across all browsers. 

Plus, none of our websites were ever built entirely out of Flash. This means that you don’t have to upgrade your entire website if there is Flash on it. It is easy and inexpensive to update only the parts that contain Flash. 

We also always include backup elements, such as HTML5, for when Flash won’t display.

If you don’t have an Insurance Website Builder website, learn more about how to prepare your website for the switch from Flash.

If you’ve had the same insurance website design for a while, take a look at our screenshot gallery


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