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Life After SEO Success: What You Should Address Across Your Insurance Agency

agent on the phone If you want to improve your insurance agency website’s SEO, you have plenty to think about. Your strategy, tactics, goals and time allocation are most likely front and center. 

But what happens if you’re successful and get on the first page of search results? You need to consider if you can handle the added volume from higher search engine rankings.

It might seem overly ambitious to think about success at the onset of an SEO campaign. But, it’s crucial you think ahead. 

In the words of legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”

Why Should You Have a Plan for The Aftermath of SEO Success?

Once you achieve high search engine rankings, you will likely see a consistent uptick in website traffic. If your agency isn’t ready for the increased demand, you might fail to handle the requests and close sales in a good timeframe. 

Research has shown that the quicker you respond to an online inquiry, the more likely you are to get the sale.Businesses that contact an online lead within an hour are 60 times more likely to qualify that lead than businesses that wait 24 hours or more.

Failing to respond quickly can cause these leads to look elsewhere. They might even leave scathing online reviews of your agency. Neither outcome is good for the growth or reputation of your insurance agency.

What should you consider when planning for more website traffic? Start with these three areas.


If your insurance agency website is on the first page, you’ll likely see more quote requests. Can your staff respond to these requests on time while servicing current clients efficiently? If not, you might want to consider adding employees. 

Don’t assume consumers only look for quotes during business hours. Many consumers look for quotes during evenings and weekends. Have a plan for responding to consumers quickly outside of business hours.


You’ll get more phone calls as consumers find your insurance website on search engines. 

Many consumers, like myself, prefer calling an agent over filling out a quote form. These consumers don’t want to hear busy signals, endless ringing or straight-to-voicemail setups. 

Make sure your phone system is set up to handle a higher call volume. Also, train your staff to be attentive, courteous and professional when on the phones. Your staff should always answer the phone with your agency name, to reassure callers that they're in the right place.

Targeted Advertising

The benefits of greater visibility in the search engines are twofold. 

The first benefit is more traffic to your insurance agency website. Second, that traffic is well qualified since they searched for what your agency provides. 

Even with these benefits, it’s hard to target the exact type of consumers want through SEO alone. This is where targeted advertising comes in. 

You can allocate some budget toward paid search or display ads. These ads are customizable so they’re only shown to your target consumer. 

Use retargeting ads to attract previous visitors back to your website. Google, Bing, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and more have paid search capabilities. They can help you close sales to qualified prospects more efficiently.

In Summary

The decision to bolster your insurance website’s SEO can reap great benefits. But, success and sustainable growth is more likely if you’re prepared for those benefits. Take some time to ensure you are well prepared for success. 

Are there other preparations you should make to take advantage of increased volume? Let us know in the comments.


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