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5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Insurance Agency’s About Us Page

man selecting profile imagesThe power of your About Us page on your insurance agency website is undeniable.  When a potential client looks over your website, this is the page that can help sway his or hers decision to reach out and give your agency a try.

Your About Us page also shows that your insurance agency is legitimate and not a scam or fraud. So, when the content on this influential page hasn’t been updated in a while, you risk scaring away potential business.

If it’s been a few years or even just a few months since your last update, here are five ways you can freshen up your About Us page.

  1. If your page is blank, start writing.
    A completely blank About Us page will do you no favors. Clients care about the success you’ve earned because if you are succeeding and helping others, you can help them too. They also care about how your agency first got started. This is a great place to shine and talk about how many years of experience your team has and how it grew to where it is today.

  2. Update employee listings. 
    As agents and customer service reps come and go be sure to update your employee listings on your insurance agency website. Keeping your staff information up to date can also help with your search engine visibility.

  3. Showcase new awards you’ve received. 
    Have you won any local business awards in the past year? Use your About Us page to show off all your hard work and dedication. Just like customer testimonials, awards show that an unbiased third party has raved about you which can help with persuading potential customers.

  4. Add some local flair. 
    A lot of insurance agencies get involved with local affiliations like the local Chamber of Commerce. If your agency also works with any local or national charities, adding a banner or a line of text talking about your involvement can go a long way.

  5. Replace those old photos. 
    It is best to swap out the photos on your About Us page every few months. So, when you hire new people, get an updated group shot for your website. If you open a new office, move or even make a change to your office building such as a new sign, update your page. Also, if you have no changes and are in the same office, try taking a photo from a different angle to provide a fresh look.
Your About Us page is probably one of the most visited pages on your agency website. Not only does keeping it fresh and updated help your clients get a better understanding of who you are, it can also help keep your agency visible to the search engines.  

Has it been a while since you updated your agency’s About Us page? Which of these tips do you plan on implementing? Let us know in the comments below.


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