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We Redesigned Our Website. Here’s Why.

New home pageWelcome to the new! We recently launched a new design on this website. We didn’t do it because there was anything wrong with our previous website. It was a good website. It looked good. People loved it. It had a lot of information for agents looking for insurance agency marketing, rating and management help. It was a resource for our customers. But in the last three years, things have changed.

Here are the top four reasons why we redesigned our website.

  1. Evolving Brand 
    When we introduced our new logos in 2012, we launched a new website complete with a 
    new domain at the same time. What has happened in the three years since then is not so much a drastic change as it is an evolution. We’ve evolved our design style, including our logos, over the past few years. It has been mostly small changes like switching to a flat design and focusing on powerful images and icons. Why? The short answer is change is good. This is what successful brands do. They evolve over time to stay relevant and fresh. Are you evolving?

  2. Feedback 
    Almost immediately after launching in 2012, we started to receive feedback. We heard not only from our customers but from other departments within ITC. We also looked at our Google Analytics. We learned about what was working and what wasn’t. What was easy to find and what was difficult. One specific piece of feedback we got was that we weren’t clearly communicating how our products automate the client lifecycle. When we started the redesign process, all this feedback helped guide us. Bottom line… If you create your website for yourself, it won’t be nearly as successful as it could be. Don’t focus on what you like. Focus on what your audience wants and needs.

  3. Design Trends 
    Do you remember what websites looked like in the 90s? Drop shadows, marquees, scrolling text, and page counters reigned supreme in website design. These days design trends include flat design, large images and lots of negative space. It used to be unthinkable to have a website that required its visitors to scroll. Nowadays, users have shown they aren’t afraid to scroll so you see websites with infinite or long scrolls. Our brand evolved partly in response to our continuous desire to improve but also partly in response to these design trends. To stay relevant and have a website that is fresh and doesn’t look outdated, you have to change with the design trends.

  4. Website Trends 
    In addition to design, website technology has changed. The biggest recent development is mobile. Google changed its algorithm last month to 
    uprank websites that are mobile friendly. Plus, Google announced earlier this week that for the first time ever the number of Google searches done on mobile devices has surpassed the number of Google searches done on PCs. Our website has been mobile friendly for years. As part of our redesign, we improved the look and feel of our website's responsiveness. This means our website will adapt to whatever device is viewing it for an optimal user experience and still look as awesome as it does on a desktop computer. Mobile is extremely important. If your insurance agency website isn’t mobile friendly, you need to be working on it ASAP.
Here’s the lesson of this post. If you don’t periodically update your insurance website design, you will begin to look outdated. When your website looks like it is stuck in the past, people will start to assume you either don’t care or are no longer in business. When was the last time you updated your insurance agency website?

I hope you find the new, redesigned to be better than what it was before. Take a look around, and let us know what you think in the comments below. We’ll be sure to use your feedback when we redesign it again in a few years.


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