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TL;DR – The Shorter, The Better

woman looking at computer unamusedIt’s amazing how paralyzing writer’s block is. But when I get past it, my writing becomes a spigot I can’t turn off. I’m writing a blog entry, and before I know it, I’m on page two. Uh-oh! This is getting too long. Let me finish these last two points, and I’ll be done. Almost a page later, I’m done. Where was this ability to pound out long, yet accurate, monologues when I was in school?

I see agents do the same thing with their digital agency marketing, whether it is an email, blog posts or sales materials. When the mood strikes, they unload their ideas in a stream of consciousness that provide the reader with everything they could ever know on the subject. Too bad today’s consumers have attention spans that are shorter than a goldfish.

When perusing my news feeds, I often encounter these brain dump articles. I read the first few sentences, and if it has my interest, I scroll to the bottom to see how much time I will be investing in the article. If it is too long, I won’t continue to read it and instead often comment with TL;DR (aka too long, didn’t read).

Draw Them In
When writing articles, blog posts or agency marketing materials, including your insurance agency website, keep to a few basic guidelines:
  1. Have a catchy title that draws readers to your content.

  2. Engage the reader quickly by getting to the point or providing a relatable story that interests her.

  3. Keep it short. Your time is valuable, so is the time of your readers. Respect it by avoiding anything not relevant to your point or story.

  4. Know your media. The amount of content you should put in a marketing piece should change based upon how you are delivering it. Email, keep it short. Blog, about a page. Magazine article, write away.
Finishing Up
Following this method has a positive side effect. It takes you less time to write. In fact, this blog post took me 13 minutes to write. When you keep your writing short, you’ll have more time to earn money, write your next entry or enjoy the day. 

Thanks for reading, if you made it this far.


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