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4 Tips for Writing Clear Content for Your Insurance Website

man running with laptopFirst, let’s agree content is important. You only need to look at the changes Google has made to their search algorithm to see how important content is to the success of a website. Content is a basic part of your insurance agency website, which is easy for you to update with a good content management system.

When people visit your website, they are seeking something specific, like how much home insurance they need, different types of life insurance, or if their car insurance will cover a rental car. It’s important to remember this when working on your website content.

Information overload starts when there are too many answers to a question or too many opinions for a topic. No one likes information overload, and you definitely don’t want to add to it. Here are four simple tips to keep in mind when writing content for your insurance website.

Pay Attention

Make it a point to  know your audience and what they are seeking on your website. Stay up to date on both. Uncover the best channels and sources for relaying information to them. This can include blog posts, social media, videos, newsletters, e-books, case studies, etc.

It is also equally as important not to get stuck on one topic. For example, if you choose to blog, make sure you are not blogging on the same exact topic every time. Varying your topics makes it easier to appeal to a broader audience.

Write to Help People, Not to Build Business

Be genuine when writing the content for your insurance agency website. It will reinforce your brand more than a sales pitch ever could. Don’t make website visitors feel like you only care about selling them and they are just a part of your commission. It is better to create relevant content that engages and educates your audience instead of selling to them.

Be True to Yourself

These days, it’s okay to let your personality shine through your insurance website content. It’s refreshing. You don’t have to follow strict writing guidelines. It’s your website. That said, be sure to check your content for spelling and grammar errors. Also, be personable, casual and trustworthy. This will charm readers into coming back and spending more time on your website.

Make It Quick and Catchy

Content needs to be informative. Attract traffic with a catchy headline. I think picking a blog post title is fun. Make sure the title is provoking without deceiving.  

After you’ve chosen the perfect headline, make sure the content is quick and easy to read. A good rule of thumb is to highlight key points throughout the content so it is easy to scan.

By using these tips, you can write content that is clear and helpful so your website visitors avoid information overload.

Got an easy tip you use to write content for your website? Share in the comments below.


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