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The Hard Truth About Social Media

blue bullseye with blue arrowsSocial media is not about lead generation or selling policies. As much as we’d like to use these free tools for selling, that is not what they’re meant for. More importantly, that’s not how consumers use them.

So why is social media important?

The number one mistake you can make in marketing is to assume people are rational. (Tweet This!) We like to think we make our decisions based on logic and facts. The truth is we use those to justify the choices we make based on our emotions and from our guts.

If consumers make decisions not on logic but from their guts, how do you appeal to their emotions? You get to know them.

Think about it. Who are your best clients?

I’d bet your best clients are the ones who know you the best. If you get to know your prospects and they like you, you have a much better chance of selling those policies because they are using their emotions to choose your agency instead of your competition.

In today’s always-connected world, the best way to help your clients and prospects get to know you is through social media.

Think beyond sharing helpful information about insurance. We’ve seen through our agents’ social media profiles how difficult it can be to get engagement and build relationships for an agency. Links to blog posts or articles with backyard barbeque safety or road trip tips don’t get as many likes or comments as a post about a community event, picture of the agency staff or games and contests.

This is true even for ITC’s social media. Blog posts about insurance agency websites or agency marketing lack the reach and engagement of a #ThrowbackThursday picture of a team building event from 16 years ago or our #FridayFun games.

However, that doesn’t mean we stop sharing our blog posts, and neither should you. Social media is still a great place to show your insurance expertise by sharing those blog posts or industry articles. But mix it up with some fun or personal posts so your clients can start to get to know you. Find a balance that works well for your agency.

What kind of posts work well for your agency? Leave a comment below.


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