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Are You Overdue for a Redesign of Your Insurance Website?

The web is constantly changing and as other websites evolve, so should yours. Your website design should never remain stagnant.

Visitors to your website will think that you do not pay attention to your website, so they will be less likely to submit quote requests or interact with your website. Driving potential clients away because of an outdated website design can affect your marketing and branding.

If you redesign your insurance website every month, you will have little time to sell insurance and it will confuse your clients. But if you stick with a design too long, your competition will outpace you.

How do you find the perfect balance?

Ask yourself the following questions:

Is my website hard for my clients to use?
You always want your website to be easy to use. If new clients visiting your website for the first time have trouble finding where they need to go, then it is time to update your insurance website design.

Does my website look really small/narrow?
A few years ago, the average width of a good website was 750 pixels. Monitors were smaller, but over the years they have grown. Along with monitors, websites have grown; the average width of a website is now is 1,000 pixels.

Is my website currently using Flash?
Flash is great for animation on a website, but it is no longer supported on all platforms. Clients viewing your site on an iPad may not be able to see everything on your website. With the growing use of tablets, you should consider using a slideshow built in HTML5 instead. It’ll even help you with your search engine optimization.

Does my agency website look outdated in comparison to others?
Be mindful of your competition. If they are receiving more visitors to their website, look at their website design, and try to see the new things that they are doing right. Then do it better.

Has it been at least a year since my last redesign?
Trends and technology used in insurance website design change fast. What may have been perfect a year ago may now be holding your agency back.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it is time to give your website a facelift.

You don’t need a designer’s eye to know when your website is in need of a makeover. Ask yourself these 5 questions every few months and you’ll always have an up to date insurance website.

Next month, we’ll talk about ways to freshen up your website design without doing a complete overhaul.


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