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How A Negative Review Can Positively Affect Your Agency

Receiving a negative review on a local listing can feel devastating . You can recover from it and use the review to your advantage. A negative review, whether it's a legitimate complaint or a person randomly throwing salt on your agency's name, can have positive affects for your business. It all depends on how you handle the situation. Here are five tips for responding to negative reviews to turn the negative into a positive for your agency.

1. Always be kind and courteous. This is important to keep in mind when handling customer situations on and off the internet. Resolving an issue with a frustrated client is not the easiest task, and you certainly want to keep from making it worse. Handling the situation with courteousness will not only show how caring your agency is, but it might encourage the client to continue doing business with you.

2. Keep your responses short and simple. The client or clients you’re responding to want an informative and sincere reply to their concerns. Do not overwhelm them with too much information.

3. Don’t take the review personally. This goes hand-in-hand with remaining courteous and kind. Keep in mind you’re dealing with feedback regarding a client’s experience. It’s not a personal attack on you. It’s not about you as an individual. Remembering this will help you from becoming frustrated while replying, which will result in a kind, courteous and sincere reply to the issue.

4. Even negative feedback is helpful feedback. A negative review can be as beneficial for your business as a positive one. Let the feedback inspire you. Make a change to your agency based on what clients are saying about it. Once you’ve made an improvement, thank the client whose review influenced it. This lets the client know his or her opinion matters.

5. Don’t treat your reply as a potential sales pitch. The clients reviewing your agency are already doing business with you. There is no need to take advantage of the situation by making it into a sales pitch. You don’t need to offer an incentive for continuing to do business with your agency or present them with advertisements. Instead, share something new about your agency. They’ll appreciate that a lot more and see it as helpful information.

Following the tips above will help you maintain and improve your agency’s reputation on and off the web. As you go about responding to negative reviews, be creative while keeping these five tips in mind. You can find more information about responding to reviews by reading Google's guidelines.

How does your agency handle negative reviews? Leave a comment, and tell us.


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