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Easy Tips to a Great Insurance Website Blog

Do you have to be a great writer to be a great blogger?

Truthfully, good writing can make a difference. That said, there are some easy writing techniques that can have a big impact on the quality of your blog posts.

Start with the end

Back when we were in school, we were taught to start writing with the introduction. In today's 140-character world, people do not have the patience or the attention span to read your entire post to reach your conclusion. So start your blog posts with your conclusion instead of an introduction and use the rest of your post to explain your conclusion.

Spend time on your headline

Your headline matters. It it going to be what encourages people to click through to your website to read your blog post. Spend time writing an interesting headline.

Read aloud

One of the best pieces of blogging advice I ever got is to write like you talk. Writing will come more naturally to you and flow better if you write conversationally. The best way to know if your blog post is written in a conversational tone is to read it aloud. If it does not roll off the tongue, if you get caught up on big words, change it.


Don't hit publish as soon as you finish your blog post. Let it sit for a day or two, and then come back and read it again. More than likely, you will see a glaring spot or several that will need to be rewritten.


Blog posts should not be very long (see my above comment about short attention spans), but I often see blog posts that are too wordy. Is your post nearing 1,000 words? Cut any word or sentence that is not necessary or is repetitive. If you find it difficult to cut the post down as everything is important to your point, can you break the blog post into two parts? That's a great way to shorten a blog post plus you have a post for the next week ready-made.

Get a second pair of eyes

Is there someone in your office who can write? (On a side note, why isn't he or she contributing to your blog?) Or do you have a family member or friend who has some writing skills? Ask them to proofread your blog posts and give you tips on how you might improve. Having someone else read your posts can make a big difference.

Practice, practice, practice

Great bloggers are not born in a single blog post. It takes practice and time. As you blog more, your writing will get better, and you will become faster and more efficient at the writing process as you figure out what works for you. Getting started can be the most difficult part. But as they say, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Of course, if you don't enjoy writing, if it is a chore on par with going to the dentist, you won't become great at blogging. But your website still needs a regularly updated blog. If that is your situation, hiring outside help to provide you with content for your blog is a great option.


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