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3 Reasons to Get Help With Your Agency Marketing

There are books and courses you can take to learn more about marketing so you can do it yourself. But if you don't truly dedicate yourself to learning the art and the science of marketing, then hiring marketing experts to help you could make a big impact on your insurance agency marketing.

3 Reasons to Get Agency Marketing Help

1. Time for other things

You're an insurance agent, not a marketer. Your specialty and expertise is in talking with clients, reading their policies, identifying any gaps in their coverage and determining what they need to be protected. If you don't want to spend your time on agency marketing, you shouldn't have to. Your skills benefit your agency better when focused elsewhere.

2. No longer missing opportunities

If you spend your day providing quotes to prospects, sending payment reminders and renewal notices to clients and managing your agency, when do you have time to focus on marketing your agency? You might be able to squeeze in a little bit of time during the week, and that time is good. But you're are probably still missing out on some good opportunities. If you hire outside marketing help, that person or team will be able to spend a lot more time dedicated to your agency marketing, and you will no longer miss those opportunities.

3. Ability to try new things

Marketing has changed so much, especially in the last six years. It's hard to keep up. By hiring outside marketing help, you will be more aware of new methods or ideas to bring new clients to your agency. Plus, you'll get to actually try them instead of adding them to a list of things you want to do but rarely ever get to (see #2).

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