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Incorporating SMS Marketing into your Marketing Strategy

Let’s say you wanted to send out a message or a coupon to a current customer and wanted the highest open rate possible. How would you do that?

Emails are opened between 10 and 20 percent of the time and direct mail is slightly lower. TV commercials are fast forwarded through with DVR and automobile technology has lessened the amount of radio ads that actually reach a consumer. So how should you try to get your message to your current customers? Send them a text. Texts typically have an open rate close to 98 percent, by far the highest of any medium, and here is why.

When you get an email on your phone do you open it up and look at it right away? Probably not. When you are watching TV, Netflix or Hulu on your phone and you see a commercial do you go visit their website right away? Typically you search for a “skip now” button to get on with your show.

For many people SMS is the primary form of communication that they use; and, receiving a discount notice or reminder from their insurance agent may be the most effective way to get their attention. That is the direction that society is going.

I found this great Infographic from that shows why SMS marketing to your current customers could be the most effective way to stay in front of them.

We recommend not cold-texting or marketing to prospective customers via text message, because it may not be received well. But, if you have an established business relationship and would like to send renewal or payment reminders, emergency notifications or claims information, or even discounts specific to your current clients, give SMS marketing through AgencyBuzz a try. 


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