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5 More Annoying Social Media Behaviors

In posts earlier this year, I talked about mistakes you can make on social media that were specific to Facebook and Twitter.

Here are five more annoying behaviors that would be a mistake to make when you're trying to develop relationships and build trust on social media. These are not specific to any one social network but can be applied to them all.

1. Have no personality

You can use social media to demonstrate your insurance expertise, but I don't recommend talking about only insurance on social media. You have a passion for insurance, but your followers and fans probably don't. Share tidbits of your life outside of insurance. Show what your agency does for fun. Share what makes you you. In short, have a personality.

2. Posting constantly

Posting often and consistently does not mean posting every 15 minutes. You become the annoying song that gets stuck in people's heads. They may remember you, but they won't think of you fondly and will do whatever they can to turn off the noise, including unfollow you. Think quality not quantity. Share updates and information that will be valuable to your followers, whether it's meant to help them avoid risk, make them laugh, inform them of current events, etc.

3. Be unoriginal

Curating content - or sharing content that others have created - is acceptable social media behavior but when done in combination with sharing your own original content. If the only content you are sharing on social media is the work of others, it gets old, and you become uninteresting. You won't be giving your followers any reason to stick around because they can get that content from the original source if they really wanted it.

4. Never give, always take

If you ask too much of your followers without giving enough in return, for example content or information they would find helpful, don't expect your followers to stick around.

5. Talk (and talk and talk) and don't listen

I've mentioned this behavior before, but as it is the most annoying of social media behaviors, it deserves to be repeated. If all of your updates are about you, if you ignore anyone who comments or replies to your posts, if you ask for people to share your content but never return the favor, you are talking too much. Social media is a two-way channel. You have to listen as much or more than you talk. Otherwise, people will unfollow, and they'll do so quickly.

What behaviors annoy you on social media?


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