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Why You Should Inventory Your Digital Agency Marketing

Once a year you should take an inventory of your digital marketing resources, assets, and anything else you use to connect with your customers online. This inventory will help you determine what works for your agency, what doesn't and what areas may need more attention and effort to get it working the way it should. The more complete your inventory, the better you will be able to understand your resources and make strategic decisions about your digital agency marketing.

When conducting your digital marketing inventory, check all of your domain names, social media profiles and email marketing to make sure they are completed with current, accurate information. It's easy when busy with the daily tasks of running an agency to forget to update your website or social media profiles when something changes. Failing to do so can become a problem in two ways:

1. Any incorrect information in your digital marketing resources will frustrate prospects who are trying to connect with you online. If it is difficult to contact you, they are not going to take the time to figure out what is the correct information. They're just going to move on to your competition without hesitation.

2. Your digital marketing resources are meant to work for you by raising awareness of your brand, building relationships, and generating leads. If these tools have incorrect information or are outdated, they're not doing their job, and you're wasting the investment you've made in them.

At least once a year (twice would be better, quarterly would be best), make a list of all your domain names, social media profiles and email marketing campaigns, even the ones you are not actively using, and ask yourself these questions.

Domain Names
  • Is each domain name (if you have more than one) still relevant to your agency?
  • What are these domain names connected to?
  • Does each domain name bring customers where they are supposed to? For example, if it is a landing page, is it bringing in the specific traffic it was designed for?
  • Does each domain name have up-to-date information and graphics?
Social Media Profiles
  • Does each profile include the correct contact and website information?
  • Is each profile being updated consistently? If not, how can you make a focused effort to improve it?
  • Are you maintaining a dormant account so you have control of the name in case you decide to start using it in the future? If so, does it have all the correct information and point to the right website?
  • Does your profile image and other profile photos - like a Facebook cover photo - match the visual branding from your website?
  • Have any employees left your agency but still have access to your social media profiles as admins?
Email Marketing
  • Is your contact list up-to-date? Are you adding new leads, prospects and customers as they come in or is it time to add them to your lists?
  • Are email addresses for current customers bouncing? Is someone contacting those customers asking for a current email address?
  • Which emails had the best click through rates?
  • What messages got the most response and why? How can you repeat that success?
  • Are you sending your newsletters consistently? Do your customers find them helpful? If not, what content can you add so that they do?
  • Do your newsletters match the visual branding established by your website?
The goal of a digital marketing inventory is to identify areas that need attention, make sure your branding is consistent across all of your resources and keep your resources working for you. By doing a regular inventory, you will be able to make strategic decisions about your digital agency marketing for months to come.


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