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Tips for Jump-Starting Your Website

Website IdeasMost of the time, success of a website is focused on Search Engine Optimization efforts. There’s plenty of tips and tricks for SEO that are constantly changing and being updated. But every once in a while, you should feel free to switch gears and just focus on having a website. Consider it your responsibility to the loyal visitor who has found your site by way of a search engine. Here’s a few tips to remember have absolutely nothing to do with SEO.

  1. Forget About Search Engines
    There’s no magic formula, no magic wand, no one single thing to please all the search engines all the time. SEO can happen naturally if you’re simply passionate and focused about your product or service. Continue to work diligently on your content and its presentation and you’ll stay one step ahead.
  2. So Easy a Caveman Can Do It?
    Make sure your website is easy to figure out. Ask someone who’s never owned a computer or doesn’t own a smartphone to try and gather some information from your site. The easier it is for them and fewer steps it takes them to maneuver your site, the better.
  3. Solve the Problem
    Is visiting your site easier, faster, more efficient than visiting an office in person? Make sure new and returning visitors know why it’s important to visit and stay on your site. Point out the answer to a problem they might not have even known they were having. Be that answer!
  4. Give Me More!
    Make sure there’s something about your website that is hard to forget. Give it personality and help people see it as more than just a place for information. Think of different ways to present your information; consider color combinations, photos, slogans, or catch phrases.
  5. An Open Forum
    Make your website open to discussion, namely through your blog. Make visitors feel invited to voice their opinion or testimonial. More importantly, monitor your site and make sure you’re swift with a response when necessary. For information submitted, a blog comment posted, or a testimonial given, be sure to make that person know they were heard.

Moral of this story?

If you have good intentions that visitors respond to, you may find that search engines follow suit. It’s all one cycle, but catering to your website visitors is just as important as catering to the search engines. Traffic from visitors peaks the interest of search engines, and high placement from search engines peaks the interest of visitors. So don’t be afraid to forget about SEO every once in a while.


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