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Search Engine Marketing for the Everyday Insurance Agent - Part 2

Previously, we discussed pay per click for the insurance industry and the basics to getting started. Now we will discuss how to improve your ad’s click through performance.

Converting Clicks into Leads

The industry average of converting clicks into leads is 4-7 percent. This means roughly one out of 20 people who click your ad will convert into a lead. For auto insurance dallas texas you would need to spend $35 to acquire the lead. Note that this is just to acquire the lead. Only if you had a perfect closing ratio would the lead only cost you $35. Should you have a 50% closing ratio that lead would cost you $70. A 25% closing ratio would cost you $140. Notice how quickly this turned into a losing proposition? So what can you do to increase the closing ratio of PPC leads?

Increasing Click Through and Conversion Rate
  1. Target relevant keywords. Do not blindly use the keyword suggestion tool provided by ad providers. Study each word you plan to place a bid upon. Verify that it is pertinent to your agency’s website and its offerings.
  2. Make sure your ad clearly states what the visitor will be getting on the other end of the ad should he click. If you are misleading or do not satisfy the visitor’s need, he will leave without a moment’s notice.
  3. Have a great looking website that captures the visitor’s attention and keeps it there.
  4. Direct the visitor to a targeted lead generation page. A targeted lead page includes the following:
    1. If your ad is targeting auto insurance dallas texas, then talk about auto insurance in Dallas. Include pictures and pertinent information about the area.
    2. Include a short lead form. The basics such as name, number, email and line of business should be the minimum questions asked. Do not ask too many or you run the risk of scaring the visitor away.
    3. Pass the searched/clicked keyword on the query string to the landing page and include with the form’s submission. This will help you track which keywords are performing.
  5. Make sure that you have properly setup your Google Analytics and keyword conversion tracking code.

Increasing Lead to Sale Rate

  1. Make sure that you start your email marketing campaign the second the lead has been submitted. The new prospect should get an immediate touch from your agency. Know any systems that might be able to do that for you?
  2. Once you have received the lead, treat that lead as the hottest lead you have ever had. Some agencies even page an on-call agent to handle requests during non-business hours. Remember this is someone who is actively shopping for insurance quotes. She has most likely visited other websites. Make yourself stand out from the crowd by delivering timely quotes and awesome service.
Just the tip of the iceberg

Thousands of tips and tricks can be employed within search engine marketing. It is not easy, and it takes time and effort. A math and statistics degree would not hurt either. Most agencies do not have time to manage an agency as well as a complicated search engine marketing campaign. Many firms, including ITC, can do it for you for a fee. Some offer a flat rate. Others will charge you a percentage of the overall spending. So now comes the fun part, doing it!

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