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Where to Look for Great Content Ideas for Your Blog

We talk a lot about blogging here on the ITC Marketing Blog. For good reason as it plays an important role in adding fresh content to your website, which search engines love, and promoting your agency and your knowledge as an insurance expert, which your clients appreciate.

Blogging can easily become a daunting task. Especially if you struggle with what to write about. There are several places to look for ideas on what to blog about. But the best place to look are your customers.

What are the most common questions your customers ask you? If you're not sure, keep a list somewhere of all the questions you get in a week. Start with the most popular questions and work your way down the list writing a blog post for each one.

Sure, some of the posts may be short, but who says they have to be long to be a blog post? You don't need to write a term paper in order for the content to be considered good or helpful.

You can also ask your customers. Create a short survey and send it to your customers through your email marketing tool asking them for their insurance questions. Then write a post for each question you get. You could even include these posts in your agency newsletter so your clients know you answered their questions.

The point is to listen to your customers and provide them with the content they want. A blog shouldn't be about your or your agency. It needs to be about your customers and prospects and the information they're looking for.


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