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Internet Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

With an increasing number of consumers turning to the Internet, it only makes sense to invest in online marketing. However, an online marketing initiative should not be thought of as a replacement for proven traditional methods.  According to iProspect’s Offline Channel Influence on Online Behavior Study, 67% of search engine users were motivated to perform a search as a direct result of exposure to some form of offline marketing.  An optimal marketing strategy will integrate online marketing efforts with traditional offline materials into a cohesive overall strategy.  This integrated marketing method will enhance returns on traditional marketing efforts while capturing a segment of the online market.

Integrated marketing is a strategic execution of all an agency’s marketing activities, online and offline, in a way that is consistent across all customer contacts. Doing so will create more value than when those activities are performed separately. For instance, including a website or blog URL in offline marketing messages will improve prospect’s experience while they are conducting online research.  Too often insurance agencies overlook in-agency promotion by not including their website address on offline marketing materials, therefore inhibiting a prospect’s effort to learn more about the agency via the internet.  Agencies should include their website or blog URL on voicemail, business cards, front door, email signatures, print and broadcast advertisements, on-hold messages, and letterhead.  Conversely, offline marketing initiatives should be included online, such as promoting and displaying community reach efforts on the website and social networking sites.  This increases exposure for the events.

This multifaceted approach will increase an agency’s return on their marketing dollar by reinforcing and enhancing each advertising platform.


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