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What's in the next release of InsurancePro?

The next release of InsurancePro (6.0.38) is rolling out slowly now and we’d like to let you know what to look out for when it’s your time to upgrade.

  1. Better integration with AgencyBuzz – For our customers mastering the marketing game with our marketing product, the next release of InsurancePro has more to offer.  Carriers, locations, and agents are all eligible for matching between the two systems ensuring that customer information sent to AgencyBuzz looks the same as it does in InsurancePro.  InsurancePro also sends over more policy information allowing your marketing strategy to include effective dates and premiums to name a couple.
  2. Better business reports – This shiny new version of InsurancePro has a completely revamped Business Reports section.  These reports have some minor improvements to printing and to the display of large amounts of data.  We have the capability to add new reports to the system should you find that we do not have a report that is critical to your needs.  Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to chat with you about reports that can help you succeed at running your business.  Right now, there are over 60 business reports available.
  3. ACORD Forms Enhancement – InsurancePro’s next release will include the ability to select the certificate holder for the forms that include certificate holder related fields.  If you haven’t looked into using the ACORD Forms available in InsurancePro in a while, please take another look.
  4. New Welcome Screen – We gave InsurancePro’s Welcome Screen a facelift.  It includes some new graphics, a new layout, and a rundown of the policies associated with the current login.


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