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Revisit of 6.0.36 Release Enhancements

This is a brief list of enhancements provided in 6.0.36. We delayed the release of 6.0.36 to work on "Payments Processing".

1. Payments Processing
New work flow introduced to InsurancePro that allows for reconciliation between payments received and company transaction reports
2. File storage upgrade
Transfers of scanned images, forms, and letters are faster
3. AgencyBuzz Integration
Leverage the marketing capabilities of AgencyBuzz with InsurancePro
4. EZLynx Integration
Transfers data from InsurancePro to EZLynx
5. Screen Updates
Several screens have been updated to provide a better user experience.
6. Download Certifications
Kingsway, Equity, Michigan Millers, and Pacific Specialty
7. Splash Screen
8. Soft Deletes
Some data is now easier to recover should the data be deleted
9. New Configuration Screen
This is the start of an effort to move all configuration to a single place in InsurancePro
10. Commissions calculate on downloaded transactions
This is not implying that we download commissions, but we do calculate them based upon information already stored in InsurancePro


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