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Dear Administrators

We would like to let you know about an enhancement in that we believe will make your agency's move to 6.0.36 an easier one. We implemented a rule in InsurancePro a long time ago that made upgrades mandatory after one person upgraded in the agency. It did not matter who in the agency upgraded, it only mattered that they did. We've added a configuration that allows you to limit the initial upgrade to only be available to administrators. This configuration is turned on by default. You can modify this setting by clicking on "File" -> "Options" -> "InsurancePro Setup Options". Then click the "Setup Default Options" button. The second configuration from the top is named "ONLY Administrators can install optional updates." Uncheck this setting if you do not mind anyone performing the initial upgrade, thus causing a mandatory update for all others. This will allow you to perform your upgrades at a time that is more convenient to you.

This is a screenshot of the System Options screen for your reference:


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