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Agent Configurations

In the next release, we are changing the user interface for managing your InsurancePro users. The new screen incorporates all of the current functionality with the ability to configure integration with other systems. The next release will include integration with ITC's great new product AgencyBuzz as well as bridge capabilities to EZLynx. You will notice the new tabs on the screen named General, Notes, Permissions, and Integration. The integration configuration for the TurboRater User Account will not be used on this release but will be in a future release.

The screen works just as it did before, but the configuration options are spread over several tabs to make better use of real estate. Take a look at the new screen below (click on it for a larger view) and thank you for making InsurancePro your agency management system of choice!

Please enforce secure login rules at your agency. Enforcing logins in InsurancePro ensures that your data is kept safe and helps InsurancePro keep track of who is making what changes.


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