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Lead Generating Quote Forms

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Insurance Website Builder has developed customized modules for each line of products that most independent agents sell. The modules include forms that help agencies collect the information that is needed to provide quality customer service via the internet. These modules were created with input from independent insurance agents. The beauty of having these modules included in the price of the website is that there is no need to have a web designer create forms independently which could cost thousands of dollars. At insurancewebsitebuilder.com we have anticipated the needs of the typical consumer of insurance services. Our modules include forms that can be submitted for quotes, endorsements, ID card and declaration page requests, and claim forms.

Once a visitor to an agency website has submitted a form to an agency the information is emailed to the appropriate customer service representative. For example, if agency has one CSR that handles all commercial lines products, a commercial quote coming in would be routed specifically to the appropriate CSR. Incoming quote requests can be automatically restricted to the state in which an agency is appointed to write business. Whether an agency writes in only one state or nationwide, Insurance Website Builder websites can be set up to allow only customers from an agencies appointed states. Another advantage to our system is that information that is received via our websites can be directly imported to most comparative rating systems and agency management systems. This feature is priceless for those agencies that wish to automate their agencies. Agents using our websites are able to eliminate duplicate data entry and save valuable time using this feature.

SSL Secure Forms

Included with your website is a free SSL 128byte/1024bit secure site certificate. Commonly, web hosting companies will charge up to $299/year for securing your site. Secure SSL forms are included free of charge on all Insurance Website Builder site. Your website will use the same level of encryption you enjoy with your online bank.

CAPTCHA Form Security

Protect your forms from automated submissions from spammers and phishers. By challenging the customer to input a graphic based test, you verify that the visitor is an actual human. Vision impaired visitors can also use a built in audio version.

Pager/Mobile Phone Access to Submissions

Receive alerts on your cell phone or pager when a submission is received from your website. This is good for claim and quote forms. This enables your agency the ability to respond quickly.

AL3 & TurboTag Export

The Insurance Website Builder product integrates with many carrier, rating and management products. With these integrations you can virtually eliminate double entry through the importing of quote information directly into these products. Available file formats include AL3 and TurboTags (TT2).

Company Quote Engines

Add producer links to your website. Links include a direct gateway to Safeco, Progressive, and other sites. This is great for Health and Life forms for P&C agents looking to expand your offering.


Respond to your customers submissions automatically with a pre-defined response.
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